Jennifer Batten Clinic - Digitech

It has been quite sometimes already since the last guitar clinic. It's really great that Lee Music Studio's bringing in musicians to demo their products and give tips on how to play better guitar.

This time around, they brought Jennifer Batten and Digitech. The clinic is all about the new Digitech GNX3000 and the Jam Man Looper. I din't really know who Jennifer Batten is when my friends asked me to go. What I know is that she played for Michael Jackson in his tours. And when i recall the MJ tours, I remember seeing someone playing the Eddie Van Halen tappings. Wow! It's her! People are saying that she taps with 8 fingers, and it's true. Just type Jennifer Batten in and you'll see her video clips. See how she plays "Flight of the Bumble Bee". You'll be amazed.

But the clinic itself, I think it's kinda disappointing. Maybe it's the lack of practising, the first song she performed is really not what I expected. Her fingers seems a bit stiff, and I noticed a few mistakes she made. Especially the last song, it was too obvious that you can see it from the expressions on her face.

She's not the same Jennifer Batten we saw on MJ's Dangerous Tour. But still, she's an extremely nice person. Very very polite and soft spoken. All and all, I enjoyed that show. Now I know how much I can do with my Digitech.

"Jennifer Batten with MJ"

"Signing autographs"

"Jennifer's guitar, with Roland pick-ups. Real Cool..."

"A Sony MD to playback her musics"

"Everyone wants to have a look at the gadgets. And we're the only 2 watching and shooting from the stage. "

"JML, I was really impressed with it's ability to do recordings. Fast! Real fast!!!"

"GNX3000 - 2 banks that can store up to 64 effects. USB connectivity + memory card"

"Jennifer batten"

"She slipped a few times"

"Great personality"

"Digitech's Sales Manager for the Asia Pacific Region."

"The show opens on time. 7.00pm sharp. And no one is late."

"My RP200. I think RP stands for Real Professional. hehehe "

"My favourite effect"

"My Digitech"

Posted on 2006-11-26 14:12:45
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